You may use any of my midis in your emails as long as you indicate somwhere in the email that the music is copyright.

You may also use any of my midis on your personal web pages as long as you strictly follow my terms below.

Step 1:
You must become a download member.
Step 2:
Each page using my music must
    Use my Javascript music control which prevents theft of the midi from your site.
    (This script is available when you download a midi)

    • Credit me as the composer by use of my banner .
    • Link the banner to http://music.lostlagoon.com
    • Indicate the correct name of the composition.
    • Indicate that the composition is copyright © Geoff Anderson and used with permission. (Please convert this text to the language of your site)
    Midi "Lost Lagoon" is used with permission.

    Copyright © 2002 Geoff Anderson

Step 3
  • Do not change the file name of any midi
  • Do not use any of my midis in any list for download from another site
  • Do not use on sites that contain sexually explicit material or language, profanity, hate material, racial slurs, or cruelty to animals

    To become a download member click the download button of the midi you want to use first.

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