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Old gateway to Blyth Beach

Guy Fawkes Day
A nostalgic look back at the Wensleydale bonfire around 1950

Williams11 passing Blyth Battery


Swan in sunlight
From a photo by Ron Dobson

New House
in West Vancouver BC

Fishing from Blyth pier
How I imagine I looked 70 years ago.

My wife as a girl

An English Robin with Holly
My Christmas card for 2017

Blyth Cemetery
from the sand dunes

The Kings Arms from Seaton Sluice beach

Girl in wet suit
A statue situated just off Stanley Park Vancouver


St Mary`s Lighthouse from Collywell Bay

Our wedding in 1959

Blyth Lighthouse


Plessey Woods
close to Blyth Northumberland

Early morning swim in the North Sea

Blyth promenade in the morning
St. Mary`s lighthouse in the background

Salmon versus Grizzly

on Blyth Beach

Working on the river
A boat plying the waters of the river Blyth

Black labrador

Charlies Garden in the morning
in Collywell Bay Northumberland

Squirrel eating a flower
Wish I could teach him to eat weeds


St Mary`s lighthouse
Exploring Tidal pools

The Queen

New House
in Langley BC

Blyth Spirit
Pilot boat for Blyth harbour.

My Christmas card for 2015

Fall in Surrey BC
One of our local parks

Robin Hood Bay - Yorkshire
A beautiful spot on the Yorkshire coast

BC Wolf
One of our local animals

Looking for something to paint

The Spirit Bear of BC
Native only to the Great Bear Forest in BC

My daughter
In her early years

The newlyweds
My son and his new wife

The Promenade - Blyth Beach
Painted in memory of my brother with whom I spent many happy hours at the beach

BC Scene
One of the many scenic lakes in BC

Stanley Park Pavillion

Monarch of the glen
An attempt at copying the painting of the same name by Sir Edwin Landseer

The Flower Fairy
An attempt at fantasy featuring my wife and one of the roses from our garden

Eugene Oregon
From a photo of a stopover in Oregon

BC Cougar
One of our local animals

Canoeing in BC
Another picturesque lake in BC

Albert Einstein
I just had to try a portrait and thought this an intelligent choice

Blyth Beach
My first Acrylic painting ever

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