Music has always been a part of my life so I have managed to learn how to play a few instruments although I have never excelled in any except maybe church bells (See " A Standing Ovation ").

Early piano lessons taught me how to read and write music and it turned out that I could remember harmonies and chord variations of tunes I listened to which meant I could play by ear.

It was not until quite late in life that I even considered writing my own music but there came a time when my wife was making web pages to showcase her own writings and needed musical accompaniment for them. In those days the music had to be in midi format and there were tons of copyright issues so I found a music program capable of playing what I wrote and saving the tunes in midi format. My wife has since taken down that site which was mostly on a Fairy theme but while I was writing the music I allowed other web masters to use my midis and got quite a following from it.

For a time I even sold CDs of my music online and, although CDs have gone the way of the dodo bird and the pterodactyl, the music still exists and the virtual CDs can be viewed, and listened to, here .

Here is a complete alphabetical list of all the tunes I have written and/or sequenced.

Naturally I have my own favourites for different reasons
  • Angels of God
    Simply because it was the first tune I wrote.
  • Trillium
    Written for guitar (which I play) and violins (which I never mastered).
  • Pinacolada
    In our younger years my wife and I taught ballroom dancing so naturally the latin rhythms hold a special place in our hearts.
    Add to that the intricacies of writing in the various drums was a pleasant challenge.
  • Lost Lagoon
    Lost Lagoon is a part of Stanley Park in Vancouver and is where I proposed to my wife
    I was going for a nostalgic feeling to the music on this one.
  • Monarch of the Glen
    Inspired by the painting of the same name by one of my favourite artists Sir Edwin Henry Landseer.
  • Beat of the Wings
    My first attempt at including drum accompaniment.
  • Caribbean Days
    Recalling the sounds of a special vacation
  • Sunrise on the Ocean
    My dad turned me on to this kind of music in my teens and I must say that I still enjoy it.
    I wrote it especially for my cd "Call of the Sea"
  • Ocean Moon
    Another from "Call of the Sea"
  • First Love
    Instrumentally speaking my first love has to be the piano. This piece was inspired by one of my favourite composers, Ludwig Van Beethoven.
  • A Christmas Thought
    I did write a couple of Christmas tunes but this was the only tune I ever included lyrics. I never got around to having someone sing it and my music program will only duplicate human voice without words. I did put it in a Christmas card one year however. Christmas 2003
While I did not compose this next piece which obviously belongs to Peter Ilyich Tchaikovsky it was probably the most challenging piece I have sequenced to date. It includes ten instruments and I am sure I missed a few (sorry Tchaikovsky).

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